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Mundodron: drones y cuadricópteros en español


Anonimo preguntada 4 años antes

hola tres helices prenden ams rapido que una y pareciera qeu tuviera mas fuerza esas tres que una y se va para un costado que tengo que hacer gracias

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Rafael Cruz Staff contestada 4 años antes

Buenas! Claramente un motor se te ha estropeado. Te dejo un tutorial que hice para cambiar los motores de manera fácil 😉

Anonimo contestada 3 años antes

No doubt, there are hundreds if not thusoands of positive and productive uses for this technology. However, as with any other new technology there is also the potential for detrimental and harmful use. It certainly begs the question as to whether adequate guidelines and controls have been developed to reasonable assure that harmful use of this technology will be curtailed.I believe the use of the term drone’ is a misnomer. It paints a broad spectrum of unmanned aerial platforms with the same brush and presents a somewhat ominous and foreboding connotation of the technology. Nevertheless, the media has latched onto this term because it creates sensationalism and sells the story, so unfortunately we’re probably stuck with it.Rich HansonAMA Government and Regulatory Affairs