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Mundodron: drones y cuadricópteros en español

Mi dron se inclina hacia la derecha

Preguntas y respuestas sobre drones!Categoria: OtrosMi dron se inclina hacia la derecha
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shadowblack contestada 4 años antes

Prueba con el trim de la radio emisora, si no hay cambio, pues revisa los motores tal vez uno esté estropeado, saludos R.Blackby

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Rafael Cruz Staff contestada 4 años antes

Como dice el compañero 😉

Anonimo contestada 3 años antes

For the last seven years I have kept my mouth shut, but I was part of a DARPA working group and cofnerence in 2005 where, as part of our assigned project and mandate, this exact system was proposed, and it had capacities not discussed in this article too. We were conceptualizing and sketching out system requirements, capabilities, and basic doctrine on a number of levels for a variety of technologies along a specific purpose, and I could independently prove this assertion and my personal involvement to any independent analysis required by any journalist. Now that they are admitting this project, I don’t feel I have to keep my mouth shut regarding THIS technology or program, unlike the others I do. In that 2005 cofnerence, a scientist proposed using such devices as part of our mission parameter, and I asked, point blank, whether or not it was realistic to include them, and the capabilities he mentioned, and if it was at the 30 year mark (our maximum time horizons),, 20 year mark, or what. The guy, who conceptually detailed it with FAR more operational detail than I would have thought, regarding specific capacities, uses, etc., said it will be ready a LOT sooner than you think . It occurs to me that based on what he said, his particular expertise, evident specific technical knowledge and the programs and projects he worked on when he was not at this cofnerence, that if this is what they are admitting to having in production now, the next gen prototypes will ALREADY be of significantly advanced capacity. So yes, believe it. Since the cofnerence, health and family matters have kept me out of the field, away from the invite only cofnerences, classified and confidential briefings, and I have done zero official work, but based on specific disclosures from the most credible and educated, official capacity personnel, I am sure this is no joke. Take it for whatever you want. The USA has a great number of brilliant people at DARPA, and brings in talent. In a number of ways for specific purposes, reality checks, etc. I have never been so impressed by the intellectual caliber, organisational proficiency, and clear purpose, especially in their ability to basically herd a bunch of cats (the varied geniuses assembled) into a specific purpose and productive end as I saw with DARPA.