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Mundodron: drones y cuadricópteros en español

¿Qué drone barato me recomiendas?

Anonimo preguntada 4 años antes


Rafael Cruz Staff contestada 4 años antes

Por supuesto, y como siempre, el Syma x5c!!! Análisis —> de amazon –>

contactomundodron contestada 4 años antes

Syma x5c!

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Anonimo contestada 4 años antes

Si quieres uno barato de verdad te recomiendo el Syma X11, es un drone pequeño y muy divertido de pilotar. Su precio (sin cámara) ronda los 24 euros en páginas como Para iniciarse en el mundillo es una opción barata y muy resistente.

Anonimo contestada 3 años antes

Come on, people. It doesn’t take a rocekt scientist to examine the image above and see Hollywood more than Area 51. Sure, the detail of the middle of the device looks impressive, but it’s probably nothing more than a #337 battery mounted negative side up, and the injector’ at the nose’ of the device is nothing more than a standard grain-of-rice passive RFID chip. The rest of the stuff cobbled together is no more impressive than an electronic hobbyist’s organized junk drawer. One of the most significant features MISSING in the photo is how the wings are powered and controlled. It takes a lot of motive power to lift even the smallest object off the ground, much less control it reliably and from a distance, and a puny 1.5 VDC coin cell battery ain’t gonna do it, no matter how sophisticated the other stuff looks. Nobody should believe such a device exists for any reason other than to increase web hits. Technology has matured, but this is well beyond anything even the most prestigious university or military contractor could come up with. Calm down, people. This is as fake as a doctorate degree from Princeton Elementary School.