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¿Qué significa modo sin cabeza o headless?

Preguntas y respuestas sobre drones!Categoria: Otros¿Qué significa modo sin cabeza o headless?
Anonimo preguntada 4 años antes

Hola Rafa. Quería saber que significa eso de modo sin cabeza o headless, ya que lo estoy viendo en muchos modelos de drones y no se exactamente que significa. espero que me puedas ayudar. Gracias

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Rafael Cruz Staff contestada 4 años antes

Buenas! Pues es muy fácil, te paso un vídeo que subí a facebooken el que explicamos eso 😉

Anonimo contestada 3 años antes

Well, many uses of so called drnoes are inevitable, but it’s kind of misleading to call them all drnoes. Is that what you’d call a styrofoam plate with two little motors and a tiny camera? That’s the real threat, when surveillance gets really cheap. I have seen a fairly capable, semi autonomous drone the size and shape (more or less) of a cafeteria tray. So we’re getting there.IMHO, there IS a way to deal with this stuff, and it’s not high tech. Whether we can do it is another story. We have to readjust the system so that our civil rights are important, and require a search warrant for the use of UAV’s in surveillance of anyone who is not on the other side in a war. Basically, follow the Bill of Rights, and maybe throw in something emphasizing privacy, though one could easily argue that invading privacy is unreasonable search.A nice advantage of this approach is that it also helps deal with other kinds of threats to our privacy, such as computer related ones.